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Ziex S/TZ01


Falken Header


275/60/R17 111H
285/60/R17 114H
225/50/R17 94H

255/50/R17 101H
275/50/R17 106H
235/55/R17 103W

265/60/R18 101H
285/60/R18 116H

235/50/R18 101W
255/55/R18 109W

265/50/R20 111H
295/50/R20 118H
P295/45/R20 114H
275/55/R20 117H
295/40/R20 106W


22" continued
295/30/R22 103H 


Falken Ziex S/TZ01 When Sport Light Truck and SUV owners want a tire that gives them value, style and all-season performance, they look to the ZIEX S/TZ01. Featuring a directional tread, with a variable pitch shoulder design that provides flat, even wear and reduced tire noise for a smooth, quiet comfortable ride. The tire also incorporates two circumferential grooves that deliver increased hydroplane resistance for improved wet weather performance. Additionally, the S/TZ01 integrates directional lateral grooves that maximize water drainage at highway speeds and during cornering, along with a high mass center rib that provides robust rubber traction on the road. With a stylish sidewall treatment, and wheel protection ridge that helps shield expensive custom wheels the S/TZ01 is the right fit for your light truck and SUV, backed by a 50,000 limited mileage warranty.