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Ziex ZE-912



Falken Header


185/60/R15 84H
185/65/R15 88H
195/65/R15 91H

205/65/R15 94H
215/65/R15 96H
195/60/R15 88H
205/60/R15 91H
215/60/R15 91H
225/60/R15 96H
195/50/R15 82H
205/50/R15 86H
205/55/R15 88V
225/50/R15 91V

205/60/R16 92H
215/60/R16 99H

225/60/R16 98H
225/50/R16 92H
245/50/R16 97H
205/40/R16 83H
215/65/R16 98H
195/55/R16 87V

215/50/R16 90V
205/65/R16 95V
195/50/R16 84Y

205/55/R16 91V
215/55/R16 97V
225/55/R16 95V
205/50/R16 87V

225/50/R16 96V
205/45/R16 87V
235/60/ZR16 100W

235/60/R17 102H
P215/65/R17 98W
P225/60/R17 99H
P215/60/R17 96H
215/50/R17 91V
225/50/R17 94V
235/55/ZR17 99W
215/55/ZR17 94W
225/55/R17 101W
235/50/ZR17 96W
205/40/ZR17 84W
205/45/ZR17 88W
245/45/ZR17 91W
245/40/ZR17 91W
215/40/ZR17 89Y

21517 94/45/RY
235/45/ZR17 94W
225/45/R17 94W


245/60/R18 105H     
235/65/R18 106H
P225/60/R18 99W
225/55/R18 98H
215/55/R18 95H
235/55/R18 100V
265/60/R18 110V
225/50/ZR18 97W
265/35/ZR18 97W
225/45/ZR18 91W
235/50/ZR18 101W
245/45/ZR18 100W
215/35/ZR18 84W

215/40/ZR18 89W
225/40/ZR18 92W
235/40/ZR18 95W
245/40/ZR18 97W
215/45/ZR18 XL 93W

245/50/R20 102V  


Falken Ziex ZE-912 Imagine an all season performance tire designed to offer true grip and increased traction that ultimately advances driver confidence whatever the weather condition. With the ZIEX ZE912, Falken has developed a tire with full-depth sipes encircling the tread, coupled with high-volume circumferential grooves and high angle variable cross grooves, that brings together the spirit of performance driving in all climates.