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155/65/R14 75V
165/60/R14 75H
155/55/R14 69V
165/55/R14 72V

145/65/R15 72V
165/65/R15 81T
205/65/R15 95H
155/60/R15 74V
175/60/R15 81H
195/60/R15 88H
165/55/R15 75V
175/55/R15 77V
195/55/R15 85V
165/45/R15 68V

165/50/R16 75V
205/55/R16 91V
195/55/R16 97V
205/65/R16 95H
215/65/R16 98H
195/60/R16 89H

215/60/R17 96H
195/40/R17 81H
225/45/ZR17 94W
215/45/R17 91V
165/45/R17 75V
225/50/R17 94V
215/50/R17 91V
225/55/R17 101V
215/55/R17 94V
205/55/R17 91V

255/35/ZR18 94W
165/35/R18 82V
275/40/ZR18 99W
265/40/ZR18 101Y
255/40/ZR18 99Y
245/40/ZR18 97W
235/40/ZR18 95Y
225/40/ZR18 92Y
215/40/R18 89H
205/40/R18 86H
255/45/ZR18 103Y
245/45/ZR18 100W
235/45/ZR18 98W
235/45/R18 94H
225/45/ZR18 91W
215/45/R18 93H
235/50/ZR18 97W
235/50/R18 97H
225/50/R18 95H
225/60/ZR18 100W

255/40/ZR19 100Y
235/40/ZR19 96Y

AS-1 On the outside tread, tread shoulder uses high-stiffness curved pattern design to increase the cornering force and enhance the steering ability. In addition, to get the better drainage effectiveness, two straight broad grooves have been used in the design, as well as the sipe bars adding in the middle groove have been used to accumulate the water for better drainage efficiency and driving safety on the wet ground. On the inside tread, the evenly thin sipe design can reduce the road impact and enhance driving comfort. Besides, unique straight groove design adding on the tread shoulder not only normalizes the whole tread stiffness and tread contact patch, but also prevents from irregular wear. Unique silica formula on the tread can not only increase the grip on wet ground, but also reduce rolling resistance and even fuel consumption.