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205/65/R15 95H
195/65/R15 91H
185/65/R15 88H

195/55/R16 87V


Brand new ECO-1 applying new design philosophy lengths and narrows contact patch to shorten the braking distance.Four circumferential grooves design enhances drainage efficiency on wet ground to strengthen driving safety. Sub-grooves design on shoulder reduces shoulder stiffness and prevents from irregular wear. Multi-sipes design reduces tread stiffness and enhances riding comfort. Zigzag lateral grooves design possesses noise-preventing function to curb pattern noise. The tread pattern applying 5-pitch design and computerized allocating simulation can reduce noise-generation substantially. Cap compound formula adopts excellent dispersible silica and unique crosslinking agents to make rubber and silica integrate tightly, reduce rolling resistance substantially and even enhance grip performance. Besides, by way of using synthesized rubber with advanced manufacturing process as well as features about low temperature and low rolling resistance, tires will achieve the goal- fuel saving and carbon dioxide reduction.>